Friday, January 18, 2013

Club or Not to Club?

I've just renewed my Caravan Insurance, courtesy of the Caravan Club and that got me thinking, do I need to continue my membership of the club? What do I actually get for my money?

Access to Caravan Club sites, yes, but through 2011 I think that I only used a CC site once, they tend to be a little expensive for those of us looking for a site over a longer period. I did use CL sites on more than one occasion, finding the quieter, 5 van sites more to our liking, but I was only asked if I was a CC member once. I don't use the forum on the CC website, I prefer the one on the Practical Caravan site, using it quite often to answer a question I might have, and finding the folks on there friendly and helpful.

I've also looked at the Camping and Caravanning Club, not realising, until this year, that there was a distinction until we spent a weekend near Dunbar and were exploring other potential sites to stay. We looked at a C&CC site, where we were informed that the prohibitive site charge was because we were not members, but could join on the spot if we cared to. I asked at the time what the distinction was, and was informed that at one time both clubs were one and the same. The C&CC see themselves as the friendly club, and also one that is equally welcoming to people with tents.

Both club memberships come with a monthly magazine, but, again, I prefer Practical Caravan magazine. Membership in both run at about £40 per year - I've even thought that there might be an advantage in joining both. However I'm no nearer answering my own question, hmmmm, need to do some thinking and a little more investigation, before making a decision.

I know you've had snow at home, and as usual the UK news reports seem to suggest it is only one step away from Armageddon. Here in France we were quite lucky, but yesterday saw a flurry that disappeared as quickly as it came, however 5 to 6 inches fell over night, with no sign of stopping. The forecast is suggesting that temperatures are set to fall to around minus 12 tonight.  The French don't seem the slightest bit concerned and it isn't even figuring in the news. I've just heard the snow plough outside, and that is despite the fact we live on a really narrow lane, there is a lesson in there somewhere.

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