Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bridie the Superdog!

Our constant companion, well mine really, is Bridie, our four and a half year old Black Labrador, which Mrs SA got me for my 50th Birthday. In the last few months she has taken to living in a Caravan, travelled the length and breadth of the UK. Been assaulted by a vet with the largest needle I've ever seen. Been subjected to the noise and stress of a four hour ferry crossing, followed by a two day drive through France to reach our current destination.

All of this achieved with barely a murmur, just the odd raised eyebrow and occasional big yawn and stretch. her only comment being, "wake me when we get there, wherever that may be, and if you could remember to let me out now and again, to do what a lady needs to do, that would be good".

Now that we are safely lodged in the cottage, both she and I have taken to walking the local tracks and paths, something we have both enjoyed, particularly as the rain is holding off and the sun is shining, (although it is a bit brass monkeys at the moment).

Bridie is good at scaring up animal life when we're out walking, Badgers, Deer, Pheasants, Squirrels etc, all of whom she has given a damn good talking too, but never actually managed to catch. However out here in France - nothing, not even a squirrel. I'm assuming that if all the "Caution Hunting" signs that are around, the locals have killed everything.

So plenty of adventures to come, at least we both hope so - we'll report back later.

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