Wednesday, September 12, 2012

All Good Things Come to an End

So, our two weeks or have flown by and as they say, "all good things come to an end". I wasn't expecting the site owner home until Monday night, and I must admit to feeling a little disappointed when he made an appearance around lunchtime on the Sunday. It didn't feel the same then, remaining on the site which was ours, so to speak, when it had become his, again. I still went down and cleaned the toilets on Monday morning, only to find that the owner went and cleaned them as well about an hour later.

We've made an impression I think. When we were packing the awning away on Tuesday morning, one of the  Seasonal Tourers, of which there are a few, came up to say goodbye and told us that it had been a real pleasure to have us around, which was nice.

It was also a pleasure to meet and help a former National Serviceman, Arthur. Who in passing conversation mentioned that he had not received his veterans badge. I told him that because he did not receive a pension, the Veterans Agency would not know where he lived, so would not send one out. However this was easily fixed with a form downloaded from the SPVA website, which I completed for him and emailed. Hopefully he will receive his badge in about 6 weeks.

The owner was keen for us to stay full-time, but all he can offer is a pitch, rather than a wage, but for this the commitment he is asking for, seven days a week, is a little too much, so we have declined. We have agreed to go back in October to cover for him whilst he and his good lady go away again, which I think is a fair compromise.

Reflecting on the role overall, we've quite enjoyed ourselves, apart from the weather.  A number of people arriving on site, were those who had never had a caravan before, and it was rewarding helping them to pitch.

It has caused me to reflect on a few things though. Why do people;

  • Allow their dog to pooh and not pick it up?
  • Throw cigarette butts on the floor instead of in the bin?
  • Put dirty nappies down the toilet?
  • Use the caravan site toilets when they are clearly from the site next door?
  • Pull onto this site at 0730am and then make as much noise as possible reversing their van?
  • Leave the static site at 0530am, stop by the bin area and slam their car door?
  • Invite two of their mates to stay overnight in their van and not expect to pay for it?
  • Linger on site, well past the due time to leave, without asking first?
  • When out for a Sunday drive, come onto the site, and feel it is their right to cruise around the touring pitches, without stopping and asking if it is ok to do so?
All these things were meant to try us, but we found it helped to just smile, even if sometimes it felt a bit forced and through gritted teeth.

So, we now have a house to pack up, work out what will come with us in the caravan, what goes to the tip, and what we can store, and a teenage son to move to his new abode, can't wait!