Friday, August 31, 2012

Things That Go Bump in The Night

The early hours of Thursday morning brought disaster. I didn't even hear the rain start, but apparently it was bad. what woke me was a loud bang, which I thought for a minute was Mrs SA falling out of bed, but she had awoke at the same time and thought a similar fate had befallen me. A quick inspection of the van revealed nothing out of the ordinary, even the dog seemed unperturbed. I then stuck my head out of the doors to reveal an awning collapsed on one side and some very bent poles. The rain was the culprit and it had gathered in one spot on the awning roof causing the collapse. So 0400hrs saw myself and Mrs SA rescuing odds and ends from the awning and making sure that at least things weren't going to get worse.

As it turned out the morning revealed things were salvageable. The bent poles were straightened in a vice belonging to the site owner, however one of the corner joints had sheared and would have to be replaced. I managed to put the awning back up using a mixture of cable-ties and bungees and a phone call to Reads Leisure in Blackburn has sourced the part I need, which should be delivered sometime today.

All in all I think we got off lightly, but I'm not sure that Mrs SA will sleep next time it rains.

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