Friday, May 25, 2012



Depart Home for:

Budle Farm, Budle Bay, nr Bamburgh, Northumberland, NE69 7AJ, United Kingdom,
telephone 01668 214357.

27.3 miles from home.

Well, we didn't think we would get away this weekend, but at the last minute we managed to create the opportunity, and after a quick phone-call we found a spot on another site we have never been too before.  This one we have spied a couple of times when we have been on the road from Seahouses back home and managed to find it on

We set off in glorious sunshine, with more promised throughout the weekend.  The site is located just outside the small village of Waren Mill, down a narrow track.  Waren Mill has two other large Caravan Parks, but we always avoid sites such as these.  There are only 5 pitches and they do seem to be Camper Van friendly rather than van, but we got on without a problem, although levelling port to starboard proved difficult and we weren't quite true.

The site has no frills, but there is a hook-up, water and waste disposal, what more do you really need, however its piece-de-resistance is the location; a two minute walk takes you to the shore of Budle Bay with its Bird Sanctuary and beach.  We were hugely impressed and would definitely be coming back.

The weather stayed fine all weekend and the most taxing activity we took part in was sun-bathing, trying to outdo each other with the better sun-tan.

The orientation of the shoreline in the bay meant that late on Saturday evening we moved to a small vantage point and watched the sun go down against the water, not something you would expect to do in Northumberland.

Friday, May 18, 2012


So, we're starting to come around to the idea of living in the van full-time.  It seems that the 1st of October 2012 will be the target date, althougth there is a lot of planning and water under the bridge to go before then.

Some of the stumbling blocks include;

  • What do you do for a postal address? lots of places require an address, although I think I have a solution to that one. 
  • We'll need to heat the awning, how to do that safely.
  • Store or sell the things we don't need.

Let's face it, these are hardly earth-shattering problems are they!

Advantages include;

  • Low-cost of living.
  • Less 'bumfff' around.
  • Freedom.

Can't wait to break it to the Avatar look alike that masquerades as Tricia's son that he'll have to find somewhere else to live.

Between now and 'C' day, as I've decided to name it, we've got a business to get going, a caravan holiday in Europe to get to grips with and an exercise in downsizing that'll prove interesting - time to order a skip...!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Thorntonloch Caravan Park, Dunbar, EH42 1QS, United Kingdom,
telephone 01368 840236.

31.5 miles from home.

Set off from home to a new site near Dunbar.  The weather was absolutely atrocious.   On approach to the site we had to negotiate a fairly tight and narrow entrance, ripping  off the offside plastic wheel arch cover!

Ouch, bloomin' gate-post

The site is split into two fields, 'A' and 'B' with 'B' having the better sea views.  'A' on the other hand has a fantastic view of Torness Nuclear Power Station, (we're on 'A').  The rain did continue all night, but we did get the awning up and as usual things were warm and cosy in the van.

During the night we dealt with road noise from the nearby A1 and train noise from the nearby East Coast Mainline.  I also had to explain to Mrs SA how Nuclear Power Stations generate electricity by converting sea water to steam to drive turbines.  Mr's SA is now convinced that Bridies nose is glowing and we've all contracted Luekemia!

The wind and rain had cleared on the Saturday morning, so it was time for a walk on the beach.

If  you ignore the Power Station then the beach is a gem, but it does seem to be a surfers paradise, so probably not safe to swim in.

The dogs enjoyed it though.
As stated the site has pitches in the middle of 'A' field, where we are, but you do feel sandwiched between static vans and the view is dominated by the power Station, whereas the other pitches further round have great views of the beach and the sea.

Saturday saw us drive up to North Berwick, just to see if we could spot any other Caravan gems around.  North Berwick was very busy and quite touristy, and we didn't hang around.  The coast is rocky so the type of sites we like are thin on the ground.

Saturday night turned into a bit of a nightmare.  I woke up after midnight to find Mrs SA sat in the lounge area staring out at the power Station, convinced it was about to blow.  I'm not sure that we were near that scenario, but it was strange.  Lots of steam, lots of light, lots of noise and you could feel the vibration from the turbines through the van floor.  It took a lot of persuasion for her not to hook the van up and drive home there and then.  It didn't help that I suggested that if it did blow, we wouldn't know much about it!