Monday, January 16, 2012


Myself and Mr's SA are currently not speaking.

I consider myself a reasonable and patient man, but my patience was sorely tried on Sunday afternoon.  It started well enough; everything working in the van ok.  Pleasant walk with the dogs in the sunshine albeit a bit brass monkeys everywhere.

Decided to close the van down.  The only thing I couldn't 'suss' out was how to drain the on-board water-tank.  As I said yesterday; should've listened closer to the explanation when I left NE Caravans.

No, the thing that ripped us asunder was my decision to place a cover over the Caravan, or to put it more precisely, 'er indoors decision to help!  I suppose it's a bit like the female of the species inability to map-read.  They just don't have spatial awareness like the hunter gatherers we're descended from.  Why go left when it should be right, why pull when it should be push - after a period of pulling and pushing the cover, and a fair amount of swearing at each other, (Mr's SA is a former Convent School Girl, where did she learn such language), the cover was on.  However the zips that allow you to still access the Caravan were on the wrong side!  Mr's SA then stated that this was because I had purchased a left-hand Caravan,when most Caravans are right-handed.  You can see my point surely.

I then pulled the cover back off and started again, this time on my own - a task completed successfully the second-time around.

I'm not too worried about being on "Radio Silence" currently, she'll give in eventually and we'll carry on as normal.  I know that Mr's SA will have to come to me - how else is she going to get that jar open.

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