Sunday, January 15, 2012


Sunday morning.  Cup of tea in hand, listening to the radio in the van - albeit the thing is parked on the drive, but the thought is there.

An eventful couple of days.  Collecting the van on the Friday didn't present too many problems, the show-out was a bit of  blur, and later on I wished that I had listened a little closer to the vagaries of the water system, however I was soon driving North on the A1, heading home.

I'd had a slight niggle in the back of my mind the day before; could I actually get the van into the drive.  The closer I got to home, this became a clanging bell along with, "what's my fall-back plan".  However it fitted "just", and I breathed a sigh of relief.

The next problem was turning it through 180 degrees at the top of the drive.  I've done it once before, but that was a single axle.  I'd underestimated how much more difficult a double axle will be.  In a nutshell, it won't turn on a sixpence, which I needed it to do because of space.  Eventually I had to call on the services of the wife and the 22 year old, who grunted about the inconvenience of being torn away from "World of Skyrim V" or whatever the PC game is that he plays all day.  It's ok though, I hold the trump-card when it comes to things like that, the login to the Wireless Router; I can cut him off at anytime, and frequently do when he gets on my t*ts or we need to get his attention.   With their assistance, we got it turned the right way, levelled and parked.

I was keen to get everything plugged up and working only to find that there was no connector to plug the van into my garage mains, no leisure battery, no aqua-roll, no waste pipes.  Aqua-roll and waste pipes are no biggie, but no leisure battery!  As the chap at North-East Caravans stated, "you don't need one, you will always be on sites with mains hook-up", even my small brain thought that one wouldn't wash - what if there is a power-cut.  By now it was dark, so I left it, however I did research Caravan Accessory outlets and discovered that there was one almost on my doorstep, Ollies at Ord , Berwick-Upon-Tweed, which would be getting a visit from me on Saturday morning.

We do live in the middle of nowhere, on the Scottish Borders.  I'd resigned myself to either having to travel back to Newcastle or North to Edinburgh, however, not expecting too much I paid Ollies a visit and made a new best friend in Alan, the shop proprietor, together with his wife.  In a slightly disorganised warehouse type shop Alan had everything I needed at great prices.  We also discussed Motor-Movers, I've glanced at them now and again, and thought they must be for people who can't reverse their van, but Fridays experience proved that I probably needed one.  At the price he quoted me it would be rude not to, so it's being fitted next week.  If I say that the prices I have seen for a twin-axle are plus of £1100, Alan will fit one for considerably less.

I then spent a fruitless Saturday afternoon, trying to get the electrics to work from the mains, but the power console showed it was drawing power from my car - no mean feat when it was parked 30 feet away.  Eventually I disconnected the 13 pin to 7 pin adaptor I'd needed to tow the van with and hey presto, everything worked.

So finally, Sunday morning, here I am, van working, heating on, cup of tea in hand, God is in his Heaven and everything is right with the World.  Now watch some Tw*t spoil it.


  1. Leisure battery definitely a good idea, hope you went for a 110amp hr one rather than the standard 85/90 will give you that bit of extra grunt.

    Motor mover is a good idea, we haven't got one on ours, but in hindsight I would of put one on.

  2. Yes, we went for the 110amp, seemed prudent, particularly as it has to power the motor mover.